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Further back in 2011 when Sheen was diagnosed with HIV, Richards was by his side and when in 2013 Brooke Mueller was in rehab, Denise took care of the actor’s twin boys with Brooke, Bob, and Max.Adding to the good vibes between them, the ex-lovers and their daughters have been spotted out together a number of times and in 2017, Denise shared a picture of them all having dinner. There was actually a time when Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards seemed like they could be “the” couple in Hollywood, even with the troubled history of Sheen with all the addiction to drugs and alcohol as well as all the sex, dealings with prostitutes and other bad things in the book.The two got married, had kids together, and then after four years, everything came crashing in a divorce which gained the attention of the entertainment world mainly for the bad blood between the two former lovers. Nonetheless, it was until 2001 that they began dating.

They even went for marriage counseling but Richards later decided to continue with the divorce process that finally saw to the death of the marriage in 2006.Denise accused her then-husband of violence, alleging death threats against her.As a result of this, she obtained a restraining order after the marriage ended to have Sheen 300 feet away from her and their two daughters whom they had joined custody of.Also, he filed a suit against Spears and her family over allegations of defamation.According to Lutfi who was the former manager of the singer, her father battered him while her mother libeled against him in her 2008 book.

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, , which detailed her daily life and that of her family, including her daughters.

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