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It was really cold that day, so I started talking with Changmin about the weather and such. We’re the DJ’s Minho: My first rumor wasn’t with a girl, but rather, a guy. However, because of the rumor, our relationship has become more cautious and demure.Jonghyun: Do you want to send him an audio message? I hope it won’t be like this later on, because you are my most loved hyung, yet I’m still inadequate to be called your dongsaeng. once had five members including Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun (who are now a group called JYJ). 2018 will mark the groups 15th year together, which is astounding when compared to the average K-pop group lifespan (these days groups are lucky to last 7 years). Yunho is recognised as one of the first male dance kings of K-pop.During a SM Town concert, Yunho ripped his pants while dancing, revealing his underwear.

Lo que comienza como un inesperado descubrimiento para Changmin se convierte en un motivo para atreverse a amar.Posted in Changmin, Trans, TVXQ, Yunho, tagged 2011, Changmin, comeback, DBSK, dong bang shin ki, homin, Keep Your Head Down, korea, max, me2day, minho, onew, Return, shinee, sm entertainment, tohoshinki, TVXQ, Uknow, Yunho on January 7, 2011| Leave a Comment » [Minho] Everyone~ Did you watch the first broadcast of DBSK hyungs? Always trying to be like DBSK Yunho hyung~ Changmin hyung! Like DBSK hyungs, I will keep trying more and more, so please cheer us as we do. Never once disappointing us, our lovely Yunho hyung~ Changminnie hyung!!! Minho: Yes Jonghyun: ‘It’s not like that, my heart isn’t like that…’ Minho: No, this is just the song I wanted to sing Onew: The people who are listening to this radio show right now may misunderstand their relationship. From now on, please give our TVXQ hyungs’ your support by punching your fists (in the air)!!! ‘It’s not like that, my heart isn’t like that, for you, only left with a prepared confession, if it isn’t just my love for you, compared to this, I have more romantically sweet words in store…’ Jonghyun: That was well sang. Everyone: HAHAHA Jonghyun: So this was for ‘tallest Changmin senior’? Key: It must be hard Minho: Honestly, Changmin has been pretty depressed lately… Minho: Changmin-hyung has a song he really likes, but doesn’t listen to it often because it’s his cellphone ringtone…Some people took Minho’s back for a girl’s, so photos of him and Changmin sitting together were mistook as Changmin’s rumored girlfriend. Minho: Very imposing, that was my first rumor ever Jonghyun: Your first rumor was with TVXQ’s tallest Changmin, and then the song you wanted to sing for him was “Confession”Minho: At that time, I was attending TVXQ’s Yunho senior’s Michael Jackson Memorial Concert performance.

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