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Thanks for your interest in Frankly Charleston BHT. Our next available tour is a walking tour on the 30th.Thanks for your interest in Frankly Charleston BHT.“It’s much different to actually lead with, ‘Who wants to go surfing next weekend? “The people who are expressing interest in that are people who just want to go surfing.” The next moment in Landon’s life that led to the founding of Element was a time when he was invited to an event in Washington, D. This was a disappointing moment for him, but it got the wheels turning in the direction of creating a solution for people who find themselves in these situations in the future.“I just like doing certain things,” Landon continues.The Element team will be hosting several giveaways at the launch party, including a pair of tickets to Extra Chill Fest, which will take place on Saturday, September 8th at The Purple Buffalo.According to Element founder Landon Sanford, the idea to create a dating app centered around events has roots in two specific experiences in his life. Landon thought to himself, “Man, I would love to have a surfing date out here.” From there, he tried to figure out how to make something like that happen using traditional dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble, but the process of swiping through hundreds of profiles to find the right person to have a surfing date with was much too complicated. C., and so he had no way to find a date for the event.This was booked as a 90 minute tour but Franklin was such a wealth of information and so enthusiastic about the subject that it was closer to 3 hours. Alan, Thank you for your review and allowing Frankly Charleston the chance to share the other Charleston with you. But, as always it's you, the guest, that makes the tour a success. It was great to hear the history of Charleston from a different perspective. Charleston is impressive with many beautiful homes, great restaurants and guides to tell you about it. I point out the word SLAVE (capital letters) because the tour focused on the owner of the property and barely mentioned that hundreds of slaves lived and died under the brutal...Black history through the eyes of Franklin Williams will be the highlight of your visit to Charleston.

Element will also be featuring curated events for which users can express interest and see who else has expressed interest, and connect from there.

Learn about "the other Charleston" that many tours skim over as you walk to sights such as the Citadel, Aiken-Rhett House, and Emanuel AME Church with a local guide, listening to commentary along the way.

End your tour with a more complete picture of Charleston culture.

On this motorized tour, we will take you through the moments of Charleston's greatest triumphs and Charleston's most horrific disasters. Below the surface of Charleston's modern attractions lay secrets that constantly escape all but the most informed or inquisitive visitors.

See top Charleston sights through the lens of black history on this walking tour of Wraggborough, a historically black neighborhood.

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