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In order to be a mortal sin, two additional factors must be present: The second factor might lessen the severity of the sin to those who are addicted to masturbation.Its seriousness might not rise to the level of a mortal sin.” with that she reached under the bed and got out a small doctor’s sex toys. Then Barbara turned to me and asked me to lay down and they would make you better. The girls took my top off and started playing around trying to hear my heart, take my temperature.They were touching me around my chest and stomach and then they groped my cock.Barbara had short blonde hair and she was the one who kept on talking all the time, she was a nice looking girl and her breast was standing out from under her jumper. Samantha had black hair smaller breast and she also said she had turned 19 just a few weeks ago.We swap phone numbers just before I got to my stop.

Then I got another SMS with words: “We are talking about you, Barbara wants to kiss you”.

When I turned red and tried to get up, she just put me down back and said it was joke, and she meant nothing offensive.

Barbara said if Samantha was going to be a nurse one day she would have to get used to seeing something like that.

Soon we got to be best friends, three of us, we would go everywhere together but every now and then I would have bad thoughts about the girls.

Sometimes just looking at their breast was enough for me to turn on, and trying to sneak a look down their skirts when they were lying on the bed with me, while I was sitting around talking.

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