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When he shares some kind of issue or asks if your product would be right for him, you can offer him a higher end version of a solution he considered as first.But be careful, this kind of sales can bring you profit only when you really have your customer’s well being in mind – otherwise, it can be considered pushy, and, as the effect, you may lose the trust he gave you.Knowing that there’s a real human on the other side, ready to solve one’s specific problem with a few clicks, makes customers more eager to make a contact, share their feelings and, eventually, make a purchase. However, as social creatures and we care about personal relationships—they make us feel safe and comfortable.The first step on the road to great support is completing the right team.Optimize your recruitment process to hire people who have the good basis to be great at helping others.

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Or maybe your company has another product that could complement the first one, with benefits for the customer?

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