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All of the families are super accepting—it’s just that there are too many of them!” And poly families can continue to expand, because the “metamours”—the partners of partners—may come with their own broods.

Jenny’s parents aren’t that into helping out with the baby, so it’s invaluable for her to have Adam around to lend a hand with childcare in lieu of the usual grandparents. Once Sue was wheeled to the recovery room, Liane headed out into the hallway to check in with her husband, Ryan Ram, the fourth member of the relationship. “We got to do both.” As they sewed Sue up, Liane never let go of her hand.The four parents are seated around the dining room table; Sean fidgets with a houseplant, playfully trailing the tendrils along the arm of Liane, who occasionally rubs Sue’s shoulders.Liane is involved, on and off, with Sean and Sue, and is dating someone, Dave Loewen, on the side. But having so many parents under one roof, he says, was what gave him the green light to become a father.

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“When it came time to give birth, Charlie and I each had a leg: I had the left and he had the right,” remembers Adam.

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