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If you are in doubt, or think you may not be qualified to serve on a jury for one of the above or any other reasons, please call the Jury Services Division of the Superior Court Administrators office at 652-7170. As a service member as explained above or the wife of a service member, you may have your service deferred or excused by submitting a copy of your valid military ID with the signed Juror Exemption/Deferral Form of your summons or with the signed military affidavit . You may print and complete as instructed the appropriate Affidavit found below to request to be excused or deferred from your present summons for jury service for the above-mentioned reasons.Mailing and Office address: Jury Services, Room 616 Chatham County Courthouse 133 Montgomery Street Savannah, GA 31401 Question Line: 912-652-7170 Fax: 912-652-7130 Juror Information Line: 912-652-7169 What if I am an active duty member of the regular or reserve component of the U. You can mail or fax (912/652-7130) the copy of your ID and the completed request form to us. Return the appropriate completed Affidavit to Jury Services before the indicated deadline.

According to the visitation policy of Chatham County Detention Center, you must have a valid Government or State or School picture I. You can even make a deposit in person if you use the kiosk, located in the lobby of the facility.A bail bondsman would post the bail money and charge at least 0 for their services.In some cases, you might need to pay around 10-15% of the total bail money. Took less than 2 hours, and pretty much gave me turn-by-turn directions. I had to pay 100% of the bond and was promised a percentage of my money back within two weeks of the court case disposition. According to the law, a sex offender is someone who has committed a sex crime including Sexual assault, Incest, Child pornography, rape, molestation, Sexual abuse of a minor, and Sex trafficking.A sex crime is an illegal act that involves forced or coerced sexual conduct against a person.

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