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As we have seen, sometimes he offered little girls rides to school.

But, more often, he appeared with that handsome face and winning smile and told young beauties he was a professional photographer.

In 1971, after r*ping and strangling TWA flight attendant Cornial Crilley in her New York apartment, he got a job as a counselor in a children's summer art camp in New Hampshire.

But, back in California, a rather persistent cop by the name of Steve Hodel had been assigned to the Tali Shapiro case and wouldn't let it or Alcala go.

Heck, it was the 1970's, in the days before computerized records.

So, his assaults and r*pes were not easily accessible and, incredibly, at one point, the guy got a job in a summer camp for kids!

When campers spotted his picture on the wanted poster, the gig was up. And Alcala was shipped back to California in 1971 to stand trial. By the time the law caught up with him and he was banged up in California awaiting his trial for r*ping Tali Shapiro, the affluent Shapiro family had up and relocated to Mexico.But, like Ted Bundy, once his randomly chosen victims were in his clutches, the charm disappeared and the vicious, sadistic r*pist took center stage. But his first run-in with the law came in 1968 when he lured an 8-year-old, Tali Shapiro, to his Los Angeles apartment and beat her with a lead pipe before r*ping her.The world may never know how many lives he snuffed out. With the advent of DNA testing, there may be more to come. A witness had spotted the pair on the street and alerted police.DNA tests proved that the Jane Doe was indeed Christine Thornton.Turns out, the picture was taken near where her now identified body was found.

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