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You should read this book if you are a Unix user with novice-level up to middle-level skills in the operating system, but little development experience, and want to learn how to design software effectively under Unix.You should read this book if you are a non-Unix programmer who has figured out that the Unix tradition might have something to teach you.Clear Case is a trademark of Rational Software, Inc. Excel, MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows and Power Point are trademarks of Microsoft, Inc. J2EE, Java Script, Ne WS, and Solaris are trademarks of Sun Microsystems. It is therefore less about technicalia and more about than most Unix books — both explicit and implicit culture, both conscious and unconscious traditions. The why-to has great practical importance, because far too much software is poorly designed. Knowledge lets you deduce the right thing to do; expertise makes the right thing a reflex, hardly requiring conscious thought at all.

The epigraph on the Portability chapter is from the Bell System Technical Journal, v57 #6 part 2 (July-Aug. 2021-2048 and is reproduced with the permission of Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies.The second part (Design) unfolds the principles of the Unix philosophy into more specific advice about design and implementation.The third part (Tools) focuses on the software Unix provides for helping you solve problems.The three and a half decades between 19 is a long time.Going by the historical trend curve in number of Unix sites during that period, probably somewhere upwards of fifty million man-years have been plowed into Unix development worldwide.

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