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Then, in the spirit of Loy Krathong, the group was led outside to release some floating lanterns.This activity proved to be slightly genius, allowing people to see how they worked together as a team, because anyone who has ever set off a floating lantern will tell you that teamwork is a huge component to a successful lantern. ” Dating Chiangmai organises events for singles between 22 and 45; however, events for different age groups may be held in the future. For more information about upcoming events or tips for attending events, visit: or check out their Facebook page.Angela spent months meticulously planning the details of the evening.“The challenge here is that you don’t really know who you’re marketing, because Chiang Mai is a mix of so many people.

“I just have this vision that everyone is in love and giggling,” she told me.

Some questions we personal, some were silly, and some were so personal that they seemed silly, but all in all they did their job of giving people an extra push if they needed it.

There was a promising amount of laughs during this time, giving the impression that matches were being made.

“[My partner and I] were introduced by a common friend, and that friend is very special. I learned so much from him and I just want to continue on with what he did and share the beautiful thing that he left me.

He was a very good event organiser, so he’s really my inspiration. I have a family and a beautiful life and I want to share that gift with others.” However, playing Cupid in Chiang Mai isn’t nearly as easy as some might think.

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