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The heartache over what I call our "circumstantial infertility," childlessness due to being without a partner, is exacerbated by the inexhaustible myth that we have chosen not to be mothers -- and fathers.The CDC reports that of the 19% of women who remain childless between the ages of 40 and 44, half are childfree by choice.However, the August 12, 2013 TIME Magazine cover story: "The Childfree Life: When Having It All Means Not Having Children," presumes that the decreasing birthrate in America is mostly due to a choice by many modern American women and men to be childfree, i.e., to remain childless by choice.After all, with all the choices available to women -- the gender the piece correctly identifies as the one that carries the brunt of societal negative attitudes towards childless people -- it's assumed by many that we've made childlessness a choice.

Simply put, many childless American women over 35 are simply waiting for love before motherhood.

Only here we are, among the most well-educated, most successful women in America, wondering how our valid choice to be in the right relationship, to be in love before motherhood, has left us often single and childless as we near the end of our fertility.

As the Time article suggests, there is indeed what I call a mom-opia in America, an uber-focus on motherhood as if all women are mothers, or should be mothers, or can be mothers.

With Mother’s Day approaching in the US and Australia, Alison Waters speaks to mothers about their opposition to an industry that profits from the severing of the maternal-child bond: the dairy industry.

Aashna, a single 43-year-old marketing director for an international jewelry designer, looked down at her glass of Cabernet Sauvignon with a familiar melancholy I've seen before.

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