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They had a complex relationship with their father, "Big Bud" Sr.(Jeff Mac Kay), a retired Master Chief, who was borderline abusive when they were children, perhaps due to the strain of having to raise them himself after the death of their mother.

She also confronted LT Singer about leaking the information on the case, saying Singer did NOT have her forgiveness. The first Judge Advocate General of the Navy in the series, with a weird sense of humor. It was later revealed that the Admiral had no confidence in his abilities, and A. in fact made a point of denying Lindsey a promotion at a Season 6 Review Board.Before she was deployed to USS Seahawk (to replace LT Roberts as JAG officer), Lieutenant Loren Singer had engaged in an extramarital affair with Lindsey.Singer attempted to blackmail him when she became pregnant.Lindsey also attempted to frame Harm for the crime.Harm was subsequently charged with murder but was cleared when NCIS Special Agents Anthony Di Nozzo and Vivian Blackadder found the real culprit.

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She comes from a wealthy family that did not approve of her joining the Navy. He was a very tough leader who also showed a low-key sense of humor and eventually won over the JAG officers. Originally a client of Harm's and an electronics technician on the USS Gainesville, she was accused of abandoning her position, for which she was up for court martial.

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