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It usually means that he doesn’t want a relationship with you.

The proof of this is how often men tell one woman they’re dating that they’re not “ready”…

But these things don’t affect a man at a very deep or lasting level.

In fact, what men want more than anything is to please the woman they are with. (and this is an important insight) men want a relationship with a woman who already has about 100 other qualities that a man will never mention and could probably never list or describe even if they were asked to. And when a man finally experiences what it’s like to be with the right woman for him, he quickly becomes emotionally involved and not only stops RESISTING a long term relationship…The way you respond in different situations can be one of the most valuable relationship “skills” you could ever give yourself.So let’s talk a little bit about how to attract men and how attraction works for men…how to attract men and how attraction works for men…If you’re trying to build a more “serious” relationship with a man based on the simple and fleeting Physical Attraction…things aren’t bound to grow too close or connected. Don’t make the mistake in thinking that how to attract men and how to get a guy is purely through the physical, and that he’s automatically going to want anything more committed or more MEANINGFUL beyond a physical, sexual involvement. They are much more able to separate the desire to be physically intimate with a woman with the desire to spend a lot of time with her, or having her become a bigger part of his life.

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He will not RESIST the relationship the way a man would if he were not “feeling it” for a woman.

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