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The Copts have thrived as a distinctive spiritual community making around ten to twenty percent of the population.Coptic Christianity was first introduced in Egypt in Alexandria by St. In this institution, scholars such as Clement and Pantanaeus taught students.“We’ve got to make sure this isn’t about us and our conscience, that we just feel like we’ve done something well.It’s actually about standing with people who are facing existential challenges,” he said.Archbishop Angaelos talked with CNA at the Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, hosted by the U. “They saw that these men were brutally killed for no other reason than they were Christians, and the grace with which they reacted was iconic.” Also, he said, the refugee crisis used to be a “distant” phenomenon, he said, but now “Western countries have had to deal with the situation, and so it’s become more prevalent, more understood.” He also credited Pope Francis with helping bring international attention to the refugee crisis. The meeting - the second of its kind - featured religious and civic leaders from around the world, as well as delegations from 106 countries, meeting to discuss religious persecution and strategies to promote and defend religious freedom.The archbishop praised Pope Francis’ work to draw attention to the plight of persecuted Christians.

The first school contributed to the growth of Christianity in Egypt since many scholars were created and they, in turn, went out and spread the gospel.

Mark, and it spread like bush fire throughout Egypt within half a century. The students gained knowledge about Christianity and this led to the spread of Coptic Christianity in Egypt.

Question and answer method was first used here, and students were therefore tested to see if they had gained knowledge and applied it accordingly.

They hid there until the death of King Herod, and this became the fulfillment of the old prophecy; out of Egypt, I called my son as written in Mathew -23.

The original Egyptian Christians were ordinary individuals who spoke the Coptic Language.

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According to history, they spoke the Coptic language, which originated from the Demotic Egyptian that was expressed throughout the Roman period.

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