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We are committed to maintaining standards, protecting users and giving those users assurance as outlined in Our Guiding Principles. A link to our customer service arrangements is provided here.The issue of chemistry in relationships has been a controversial issue, which has made many Christian dating singles to either leave the current relationships they are in or developed a sense of skepticism on each other.Please note that a complaint submitted through the online platform will not be considered unless you have raised it with us first.*Data based on an extrapolation from Research Now survey conducted in April 2018, among a representative sample of 10671 persons aged 18 in the UK, which has been combined with the total population of this age group (Source Eurostat 2018).3% of interviewees have ever been in a relationship with someone they claim having met on Match.We are a member of the Online Dating Association (ODA).Even when people had that fiery spark in the beginning, it fades.

Chemistry among dating partners is the wrong way to look at a relationship.

But, you say, my friend met her husband and they hit it off with the spark right away, and they've been in love for 15 years and she still feels the spark!

Like I said, it can happen, it's just a coincidence. In fact, I might go as far to say that it didn't really happen.

Christian dating is far from outside attraction alone.

Chemistry means that there are things among the two you that are bringing you on the same point of view and you can agree on most issues as you are at ease and you are really attracted to each other.

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