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During Season 20, Greg Halstead was removed from the show after being fired from work, and Joey Kovar left to show to enter a 30-day treatment program for alcoholism.

Halstead and Kovar were replaced by Nick Brown and Brittini Sherrod.

He is a self-made man, and the ultimate Determinator, completely committed to getting what he wants, including stopping his youngest daughter's wedding.

Pete, Cover 1, Murph Aris Home Improvement, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, Mayor Byron W.

Malcolm was a quintessential party animal in college and, after graduating, sought to turn his love of indulgence into a career, trying to get his home microbrewery Sacred Turtle off the ground.

He hasn't been that lucky though, and is now more desperate than he'd like his friends to know.

Though she isn't much of a problem child, she has strange interests and hobbies..not even her parents are ever entirely sure what she's up to. Beautiful, confident and with a warm, self-effacing personality, Katherine is the cut-out image of the perfect trophy wife.

And, though she may be comfortable playing accessory to a wealthy businessman, Katherine has deeper desires that her money and influence can't quite satisfy.

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His death is a major turning point in the series, and officially closes off the 'happy and carefree' part of the show.

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