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Clyde Hollows is one of the normally built sophomores and is decently small for a teenage boy, which makes him capable of being faster instead of brawny. His white skin compliments his gray eyes pretty well.Hollows keeps his attire is different from majority of the students at the academy.

He doesn't usually discuss his family apart from his sister Bonnie Hollows, yet he sometimes mentions his deadbeat father, his hated older brother Adam, and his little sister Eve to his good friends.

He is said to be a pro-non clique activist as some would say, and would do anything for the people who share his status [and even some cliques] as long as its rational.

The only cliques he doesn't affiliate with is Punks and Bruisers, yet this is subject to change.

This side is commonly seen around Lee Langmore, for example when the two pranked a dropout at the Munch which only led to a physical altercation.

The two seem to have a very close bond that formed out of no where, and are rumored to have romantic relations; despite these rumors both are quick to decline this to the public.

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  1. Other TV shows and movies, she has played a part in include the likes of Flex off 2014, Attention, Out of the Blue and Squirrel Boys. She went to Canberra Girls Grammar School for her education.