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I found myself sitting across from a lineup of ‘Sailor Scouts’ from the ‘Sailor Moon’ anime series, which made ME, in my plain burgundy T-shirt, appear out of place.

The women were to rotate over a seat every three minutes until time was up, everyone marking down the assigned number badge of the persons you ended up connecting with.

And that a press release will be sent out later in the week.

The women entered first to be seated, and then the men came in to fill in the seats opposite them.

We have been at New York Comicon, C2E2, Boston Super Mega Fest, Mega Con Convention, and our personal favorite, Star Wars Celebration V Bleeding Cool called the company using the phone number on Google Cache, and spoke to Glitch.

He told me that he has stepped away from the Sci-Fi Speed Dating company, has handed it off to his second in command, and is no longer running it while this is an ongoing situation.

Going in on the final day of the convention, I didn’t feel any anxiety or pressure, mostly because I had this moment of clarity after seeing us separated into two lines of men and women as we waited to enter the room.

The surreal, eighth-grade-dance moment just made me want to giggle.

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