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Thus unlike command may actually remove some packages in necessary instances.

You can actually combine commands in ubuntu, such that one command can run multiple functions.

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Also, it’s a good gateway to start learning Linux which used to be a command line only operating system when it was born.

Solus is written ground up from scratch, and the strong point of this beautiful Linux distro is not being a derivate of any Linux distribution. I'm an avid Linux lover and enjoy hands-on with new promising distros.

However, if you want to search for packages that contain your search term within their name, you can use the following command: From the output above you can see that this command will display important information of the searched package such as version numbers and dependencies.

Ubuntu is widely regarded as a beginner friendly version of Linux and has a lot of GUI-based methods for installing applications but personally i think managing your software via the command-line can be a real time-saver and is really fast.

If you just started using or have been using Ubuntu or any other Ubuntu based Linux distribution such as Linux Mint it’s likely that you will have had to use an command at some point.

Of course, Solus can always be updated by GUI way and typically shows a notification once an update is available.

The advantage of doing things by command line is useful while troubleshooting issues on a remote system.

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