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Authentication relies on additional data that is difficult to produce, except by that specific person.By adding an additional layer of identity information, authentication broadens the scope of identity information necessary to produce a positive match.If one biometric was the only identity data point, these security issues would be cause for concern.However, when layered in with numerous other data points, it’s not a single point of failure but rather just part of the overall security system.The terms are often used interchangeably, but have different meanings so it’s advisable to clarify their use.The level of identity checks depends on a company’s risk-mitigation strategy and, if it’s a covered institution such as a bank or money service business (MSB), what regulations they fall under.Other techniques rely on two factor authentication (2FA), which uses a second channel to authenticate the identity.For example, a text message is sent to a validated phone number with a one-time password (OTP).

Identity validation checks if the information represents real data.

These MNOs have deep sets of information on their customers such as name, mobile number, address, along with device information, geolocation, usage and billing data.

While using these datasets for authentication is in the very early stages, the opportunities to connect various facets of this information with other data points can whole new authentication models.

While powerful information that indicates the person possesses the ID, what happens if a fraudster has those documents?

To prevent that loophole, a live photo is compared to the photo on record for validation.

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