Consolidating audiobook files in itunes

Recently Mac Fix It reader Robin wrote in asking how to manage this problem: In i Tunes I have a lot of of audiobook recordings that are stored by default in the music section and not in the audiobook section.Is there some way to get the books off of the music list and to the audiobook file? i Tunes identifies audiobook files versus music files by the name suffix ".m4b," but other than that the files are very similar to the .m4a format for standard audio.In this section there is a drop-down menu for "Media Kind" which you can use to select between Music, Video, Podcast, Audiobook, TV Show, i Tunes U, and other options for the file.

By default, audiobooks are dumped into your Music library instead of your Audiobooks library, and i Tunes often fails to apply the right album art to your imported audiobooks. Now comes the challenge of fixing any problems and organizing the entire book.

A window will pop up that displays the files on your computer.

Find where you saved your album artwork and double-click the image.

Next, click on each imported disc to view the titles for each track.

You may find some tracks have the wrong name, no name, or a name you want to change.

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