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When traditional lenders would not lend to a contractor with a growing business he approached ACC Mortgage.

Averaging ,000 a month in revenue but unable to secure a loan for debt consolidation and equipment needed for business expansion he needed to restructure his finances.

The borrower was able to make the her father's home handicap-accessible and consolidate her debt.

The loss of a spouse and job within a 2 month span left this ACC Mortgage customer with seriously damaged credit while she grieved and sought employment.

If this is something you're interested in doing, speak with your bank or credit union to find out how it works, to get information about the mortgage rules in Canada and if this option could work for you.

Sometimes if you have bad credit, it might be difficult to get a debt consolidation loan, so using home equity could be another possibility.

An inherited property needed extensive repair and a sibling needed to be bought out by an ACC Mortgage customer with outstanding judgments and student loans.

The ACC loan allowed this customer to make repairs that significantly increased the value of the inherited property, paid off his outstanding debts, and increased his credit scores by 80 points in 4 months.

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