Consolidating default student loans

If you’ve got a federal student loan, here are the forgiveness programs that you should look into using: Peace Corps, Ameri Corps or Vista, providing a great debt relief option for those interested in serving the community.But those aren’t the only people eligible to enroll in the PSLF program, because it’s also accessible available to Government Employees, Military Personnel, and people working in a variety of other “Public Service” positions.However, the available debt relief is extremely valuable, with qualifying participants able to receive up to ,000 in student loan debt forgiveness.Military College Loan Repayment Program is available to pretty much everyone joining one of the major service branches (yes, even Coast Guard enlistees have access to these benefits!It’s well known that teachers’ salaries tend to lag behind private sector workers, and even though some districts may offer great benefits, teachers generally have to spend at least as much (if not more) on their higher education credentials than do workers in other sectors who end up making far more money!

These forgiveness programs are your absolute best bets at getting effective student loan debt relief, since loan forgiveness literally wipes out your debt, rather than just reducing it or extending the time you have to pay it back.The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program offers total student loan forgiveness after making just ten years of qualifying payments on your debt, no matter how much is left, making it one of the best debt relief programs currently available.This program was designed to benefit people with high debt to income ratios, meaning people who don’t make much compared to what they owe, but it’s also available to many people who really don’t need the assistance.The Marines College Loan Repayment Program The Marines are certainly the outlier here, and although it seems like a Marine Student Loan Forgiveness Program would be a no-brainer, this service branch does not currently offer college loan repayment benefits to enlistees.The Coast Guard College Loan Repayment Program The Coast Guard student loan forgiveness program is actually one of the best available in terms of bang for your buck, offering up to ,000 of loan relief for just 3 years of service.

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