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The investor lends an amount of money to the government and earns interest on the investment until the maturity of the bond when the initial payments will be returned. As such the N10 coupon that will produce a yield of 13% will be based on a price of N76.9. The Government via the Debt Management Office DMO will first issue a primary auction. Just go to any of their branches and request for a form and guidance Access Bank Plc. However, when you are about to buy the marginal rate determines the price you pay.This articles explains what an FGN Bond is and how you can invest in one. A bond is a contract between a lender and a borrower, whereby the borrower agrees to pay the lender interest and repay principal at stipulated periods. Free from default risk: repayment is guaranteed at the maturity of the FGN Bond 4. Freshly issued bonds usually takes place on the third Wednesday of every month. So, if the marginal rate is 13%, you pay N76.9 for a bond with a Face Value of N100 per unit.It’s similar to an IOU, issued by the Government or a Corporate institution as a way of raising funds for particular projects. FGN Bonds are Debt instruments or contracts issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria for an agreed period of time. Tax free Income: interest received on FGN Bonds is not subject to withholding tax, company income tax, etc. Collateral for borrowing: the FGN Bond can be used as collateral to raise financing. Easily Tradable as it has a unique quality of being quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange and can also be traded over the counter (OTC) Who Can Invest in FGN Bonds? This is derived at by dividing the fixed coupon N10 by the expected yield 13% (10/0.13) to arrive at N76.9.The controller also transmits only a congested status RM cell over the backward connection when one of the connections is found to be in the congested state and cancels the subsequent transmission of the congested status RM cells in the same sequence over the backward connection. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a control method and a control system in an ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) network for changing a rate for transmitting information from a source terminal depending on a congestion state of the ATM network when communication is implemented between the source terminal and a plurality of destination terminals. Description of the Related Art As one of the services provided on a conventional ATM network for changing the information transmitting rate, an ABR (Available Bit Rate) Service is disclosed.When communication is implemented between the source terminal and destination terminals, the ABR service renders the information transmitting rate variable depending on the congestion state of the ATM network.

For example, FG Offer for sale FGN Bond with a coupon rate of 10%.You can pass your exam in 1 day after preparing with these practice tests and this is the only shortest way to get success.If you have any query or questions please join our Live Chat or Email to support.A multicast connection control apparatus provided in a branching-and-consolidating node connecting a source terminal to a plurality of destination terminals for branching information over the forward connection or consolidating information over the backward connection in a multicast connection ATM network system includes a congested status management table for managing congested status in all RM cells and a controller.The controller transmits only an uncongested status RM cell transmitted thereto last over the backward connection when all the connections in a sequence are found to be in the uncongested state.

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