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November and December are especially good months for viewing Aries the Ram in all his starlit majesty, for this constellation shines above the eastern horizon at nightfall and stays out for most of the night.

Aries – reaches its highest point in the sky – at about 10 p.m. Aries is not a particularly prominent constellation, so a dark country sky absent of moonlight is most desirable for viewing the Ram at its finest.

You can also star-hop to Aries by drawing an imaginary line from Polaris, the North Star, and through a certain star in the constellation Cassiopeia: Segin (Epsilon Cassiopeiae).Young and Aries Free Horoscope impressionable eyes of young stars. Along with academics and sports, today's young online dating, candy floss romance, puppy love, love lover lovers swooning in high school, eager to please their love, etc.Entertainment and Aries Astrology teenagers romance horoscope can provide exciting to see the future.Best time for seeing Aries the Ram What is the First Point of Aries? Then use Cassiopeia to star-hop to Aries by drawing an imaginary line from Polaris, the North Star, and through the star Segin (Epsilon Cassiopeiae). The best time to behold the Mighty Ram is at the opposite end of the year, when the Earth is on the other side of the sun.Look for Cassiopeia high over Polaris, the North Star around 8 p.m. In late October, this constellation rises in the east at sunset, reaches its highest point in the sky at midnight and sets in the west at sunrise.

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Because the Earth’s rotational axis wobbles full circle relative to the backdrop stars in about 26,000 years, Polaris doesn’t remain the North Star forever and the equinox points don’t remain fixed relative to the stars of the Zodiac. He also writes and hosts public astronomy programs and planetarium programs in and around his home in upstate New York.

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