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These simulations provide a cost effective method for exploring characteristics of the radiation cascade that have been difficult or impossible to measure in detail (such as the angular distribution and energy spectrum of the neutron flux) .This characterization of the radiation is part of a physics-based complement to geological calibration of cosmogenic nuclide production rates, and should lead to better production rate estimates and better correction procedures for exposure dating and erosion-rate measurements.Clay is now completing a Masters degree in Applied Geomorphology. Ages were determined at two hominid localities from the Chad Basin in the Djurab Desert (Northern Chad).Currently, I am researching the deglaciation chronology of the Transantarctic Mountains since the last glacial maximum by using a combination of glacial geology and cosmogenic nuclide exposure dating. Dave Argento Ph D student As unlikely as it seems, Dave's passion for nuclear physics, rocks, beer and photography have all come together in his research at the Earth & Space Sciences Department of the University of Washington.Using a radiation transport code, MCNPX, and massive amounts of CPU time, Dave has been modeling the cosmic radiation cascade from the top of the atmosphere, all the way down into the rocks and ocean underneath.The projects and publications listed elsewhere on this website provide further information.I've long been involved in chasing down the details of cosmogenic nuclide production, both at the surface and deep below ground.

Additional interests include the geochemistry and geomorphology of cratonic landscapes, erosion and sediment transport in the Pacific northwest, and integration of cosmogenic nuclides into geomorphic models.

It also serves as a repository for data generated by the group, descriptions of our lab procedures, technical information and calculation methods.

This web site is partially supported by grants from the National Science Foundation.

I look forward to applying the skills/knowledge that I learn here toward the good of mankind (no one likes a mad scientist), hopefully in the form of a better understanding of glaciology, landscape evolution, and isotope geochemistry.

I've been working in southern Puget Sound to sample and date large glacial erratics from the terminal moraine of the Vashon Ice Sheet.

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