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We have had a loving and supportive relationship, yes with some ups and downs but really good.

Everything you need for a romantic holiday to Jamaica is included.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? While I don't believe that he's cheated on me, I'm not comfortable with his views on physical intimacy, the amount of time he want... So this morning I got an invite from someone on Xbox that I had no idea who it was. My husband and I have had issues the past 3 years(he had a full blown mistress). And to top it off I'm 5 months pregnant with our 4th child.

About six weeks ago I was here asking for advice about my boyfriend and his cheating in past relationships. Apparently he is still very much into his Ex but he said it is cos of religious difference.

Today’s young adults, however, are more likely to engage in casual sex until they find the one person that they actually want to commit to.

The acclaimed anthropologist Helen Fisher has coined a phrase to describe this new system of dating norms: “fast sex, slow love.” For more on the science of modern dating, check out why Science Says Women Aren’t Interested in Flashy Men.

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This mentality also changes the nature of dating a lot.

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