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I jump off the train and adjust myself to the environment and am instantly a little worried when I see this (please don't take this as offensive, it is just a description and what went through my head at the time) extremely short, stumpy, over-dyed red-haired, way too much eye-mascara wearing and quite obviously teenage girl just staring at me.

This chick had full on way too wide, non-blinking crazy eyes but as soon as she realises I can see her staring she literally runs away up the escalator at the station.

So I get my phone out and call her from the recently dialed menu and I hear "THIS IS HALLOWEEN THIS IS HALLOWEEN! I quickly turn around as that damned song made me jump and stood literal inches from my face is the same creature who creeped me out at the station.

Smelling like she had not had a bath in roughly ten years and with a look on her face which could only mean me waking up with a missing kidney she says "Hey Ryan, why did you ignore me! I was both shocked and confused so I just let out a "wha? Now I am honestly a little scared as there's a crowd looking at us.

The human mind is a curious thing however, so you'll probably find these kind of interesting. This website has mp3 transcriptions of passengers screaming and panicking moments before their planes crash. This is one of those sites that just exists for the sake of existing. You upload pictures of poop and the good people of the internet rate it based on how angry or charming it looks (I think).

There's a strange, unexplained black worm that follows your mouse and starts raving if you move too fast. You can finally know what your poo has been trying to tell you!

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So we had to army crawl to the trailer house because it was private property (didn't know that either). Then, as on cue, the screen door we left open, close and locked.

When we got there we opened the screen door and jumped in, because it had no stairs to get in. Then I ran towards the door busted open the door with my shoulder, and then we ran to Josh's house.

There's obviously a lot of straight up horrible content on here, but there's also stuff that's just plain weird and oddly creepy.

Here's a list of these websites that range from odd animations that are slightly weird to supremely strange websites documenting how many suicides happen from a certain bridge.

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