Crystal castles courtship dating song meaning

The production was so unique and cool and influential, the lyrics were dark and real and had meaning.

When i was extremely depressed and suicidal, i found out about this band. They made it feel like i could actually push on and deal with life, because while it was all nihilistic, it really embodied how i felt and validated how fucked up i felt, and they said they did it to "bring awareness" to all of these human rights issues.

I hope some other fans on here feel the same.(the official forum on the CC website has their servers down) I have CDs and a few T shirts by Crystal Castles, I've talked about them and praised them for so long, I've even reproduced and covered some of their songs, i really believed and loved them... I hope this doesn't sound overdramatic or sound like i don't care about what Alice has gone through, i just want to discuss with fans that feel the same way. I definitely feel incredibly upset about all of this too.

I got into Crystal Castles last summer and it was honestly an experience (musically) for me.

She provides at times both the rage of a tormented soul and the melody of a spirit at peace, and does each equally effectively, an impressive feat on an album that features her on less than half its songs.

The key to the album as a whole is its delicate balance of solid beats and chaotic melodies.

I heard about Alice leaving but I never really looked much into it because I just assumed she was moving on to other things.

Members Wishing: 6Total Copies: 0Label: Last Gang Records Original Release Date: 1/1/2008Re-Release Date: 3/18/2008Genres: Dance & Electronic, Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock Styles: Electronica, Indie & Lo-Fi, Dance Pop Number of Discs: 1Swapa CD Credits: 1UPC: 060270096226"I was first exposed to the self-titled debut of the Ontario-based Crystal Castles about a year ago, and found myself immediately entranced by the duo's eclectic off-brand emotional electronic sound.

Ethan Kath's mix of strong, repetitive base beats and experimental usage of overlaying sounds produces and endlessly-listenable soundtrack in which one easily loses himself.

Hell, Kath said all of the profits from the physical copies of Amnesty (I) would have been donated to Amnesty International.

I only found out about this band after Alice left, but i still really respected her and appreciated her contributions and amazing lyrics.

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