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Changes could affect how much child maintenance you pay or receive. Tell CMS if you move house, change or lose your job or your benefits change.If your child doesn't live with you day to day, you're the 'paying parent' (non-resident parent, 2003 scheme).I know that my liability for maintenance payments will cease from September but I have said that I will pay our daughter £100 per month as an allowance/pocket money.My ex has now been in touch saying that I have no right to reduce the amount I am paying as in her opinion, I haven't been paying enough for the last 17 years but she chose not to pursue it!If your circumstances change, you need to report the change to CMS within seven days.You need to tell CMS when: If you have day to day care of the child, you are the 'receiving parent' (parent with care, 2003 scheme).My ex went to the CSA at the time and they sent me some paperwork which I duly completed and returned along with some payslips. I continued to pay maintenance monthly as well as contributing to school uniforms, trips and all other manner of requests from my ex, as and when they arose, I also saw our daughter on a weekly basis and still do now.Throughout the whole of this time, both my ex and I have worked full time and although initially she was earning more than me, for around the last 10 years, I have earned more than her.

Some parents use the figure provided by the calculator as a starting point to their negotiations.

I have been paying maintenance for my daughter for the past 6 years since I left her mother without the CSA's involvement.

My question is as I have no paper work to support this (BIG MISTAKE ON MY SIDE), and as we are now on bad terms she is going to tell the CSA that I have not paid maintenance, as far as I am aware she works and does not claim any benefits, if the CSA side with my ex can they make me backdate the payments for maintenance for the past six years?

You will need to contact the CSA directly to confirm if your case is closed.

Their contact details can be found on any letter they have sent you, or this website uk/child-support-agency provides their contact details.

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