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Also, one certainly doesn't want the print trimmed so that some of the imprint is cut off and I do think one wants to have at least some margin all around so that the print can be put into a frame without the mat or frame bevel coming right up to the image.However, as long as there are reasonable margins around the image (say about 1/2 inch) I don't think a collector should be too bothered about the size of the margins.I have talked about "value ranking" for different types of prints and there is definitely a ranking of values for different sorts of Currier & Ives prints.

(Sorry about this rant, but this is a basic disagreement I have with a number of Currier & Ives collectors).

(Find more at Maps seem to attract a lot of collectors, more so than do prints.

There are collectors for important historical figures, such as Washington and Lincoln, and historical events, such as the American Revolution or Presidential elections, but most prints are purchased more on a one time basis rather than as part of a collection.

One can find Currier & Ives prints with big margins, but the majority have been trimmed down from their "full sheets" over the years, usually in order to fit into a frame.

Some collectors will not even consider a Currier & Ives print, no matter how good condition it is otherwise, unless it has "large" margins.

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