Custom excel function not updating

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Hello, I've written a custom function which runs 2-3 macros in another workbook and returns a specific item from an array generated in the other macros.

" Count Words Function will count words in single cell, or range of cells." The Code Function Count Words(r Range As Range) As Long Dim r Cell As Range, l Count As Long Module and paste in the code. The Function will appear under "User Defined" in the Paste Function dialog box (Shift F3). i am unable to see " User defined " option in function box. #Value is the error returned when a UDF tries to do something "illegal." UDF's cannot alter the environment; can only return a value to the cell they are called from.My suspicion is that something in one of those three macros called is performing an illegal operation, causing the UDF to stop and returning the #Value error.Create a function called MYFUNCTION which returns the sum of the selected cell and the cell below this cell. Usually changing the "Workbook Calculation" option (Excel 2010) solves the problem, but if it didn't, probably the workbook itself is set to manual calculation.

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Without knowing what those other three macros are doing, it would be hard to speculate what operation is causing it to hang.

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