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Using data on user attributes and interactions from an online dating site, we estimate mate preferences, and use the Gale-Shapley algorithm to predict stable matches.The predicted matches are similar to the actual matches achieved by the dating site, and the actual matches are approximately efficient. Professor Ariely, a psychologist and behavioral economist at Duke University, has won fame and fortune debunking the myth that we act rationally about both the small and significant decisions that we make. Despite myriad dating relationships, many of us are hard-pressed to describe why we’re having difficulty connecting and closing the deal on a romantic partnership.Could social science provide the clues to finding true love?

Ariely, clad informally in a polo shirt and jeans, manned a mike just a few feet away from participants.

When confronted with two profiles – one general and one specific – both men and women favor the candidate with vague interests and hobbies.

It’s easier to imagine someone who likes movies and the outdoors as your ideal match than a Big Lebowski aficionado who does Tough Mudders. “They fill in the gaps and have high expectations and thus get disappointed more,” when it doesn’t work out with their intended.

After being rejected by a 10, I got lucky and paired up with a thin blond earringed hipster who was an eight. Process enough people, and you’re sure to find a match.

Those of us who don’t inspire instant proclamations of love or at least wolf whistles from strangers should have better luck online, right?

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