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Isn’t she ever tempted to set her blond Bond on them?“They’re just trying to make a living,” she says, with slightly unnerving reasonableness.“When I turned 40 it was one of the best years of my life; I played Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire, Hester Collyer in The Deep Blue Sea and got married – none of which I’d ever done before,” she smiles. No, she is off to drink tea with her sister, whose exhibition, “Camera Obscura”, is running at The London Film Museum in Covent Garden.“As you age the characters you play get more interesting, more complicated.” The studio apparatchiks are circling, ready to whisk her away. “I’m the sell-out, my sister’s the artist,” she says with quiet pride, crouching down beside me to show me photographs on her smart phone.“Photographers aren’t there with the express intention of p–––ing me off.Yes, there are times when I’ve been caught without make-up and not even a pair of huge sunglasses to hide behind, but it’s not worth getting exercised about.” Born in London to an Hungarian inventor father and an Austrian teacher-turned-psychotherapist mother who fled Europe before the outbreak of the Second World War, Weisz and her younger sister, Minnie, a photographer, were privately educated.

She radiates intelligence, honesty, a rather old-fashioned clear-eyed loveliness and, above all, class.

As she straightens up, her gaze falls on the desk by the window.

“I’m about to check out, but I can’t bear the idea of such beautiful flowers being abandoned with no one to enjoy them.” And with an air of urgency, rather than flourish, she presses a bouquet of her exquisite roses into my arms.

Weisz’s early career saw her appear in television and stage roles, until her big-screen breakthrough in 1999 with a knockabout adventure film, The Mummy and its sequel, The Mummy Returns, two years later.

In the interim she has taken on rather more demanding roles and has built a reputation on her ability to convey emotional nuance.

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Originally, both men and women could be bluestockings, but the term evolved to describe a female frump, who, while intellectual, was unattractive.

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