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In IRL’s Virtual Connections episode, Chloe Stuart-Ulin gives a first-hand account of her life as a “closer” for an online-dating service; we hear a dramatic, real-life story about a woman who finds her biological parent online; and Emma Brockes talks about how we can all maintain humanity while interacting with others on the internet.In the modern romantic context, “getting back on the horse” more often than not means plunging into the world of online dating.Whether you met your last date on Match, Bumble, Instagram, or somewhere else online, the love of your life may be unexpected, or not the “type” you expected.Its impact isn’t felt just by you, but through this new social integration, unique communities are created, and entire families and social circles who wouldn’t otherwise have met collide.Our ability to find a partner is directly correlated with how well we can manage the constant rejection and judgement that comes with online dating, and the hurt that happens on our way to love.Just as posting a dating profile is a choice––your choice––so is your approach.Our baby girl’s life was built on the pixels her parents created. Before online dating, we dated within our immediate communities.

Some daters fantasize more than they are rooted in reality.

In a survey released by Tinder earlier this year, 63% of respondents said they feel more confident about dating people from different races and ethnicities when online dating.

That’s not surprising to economists Josue Ortega and Philipp Hergovich who say that, previously, where we lived dictated who we dated, meaning ethnically similar people ended up dating each other due to proximity.

You may find yourself comparing one person to another. We used to meet one person at a time, and if it didn’t work out, we’d connect with another.

Now, many online daters meet with several matches until there is a conscious coupling.

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