Dating a colt 1911

It is worth whatever someone that needs one is willing to pay.

If you can't find someone who needs it, it is worth whatever someone who doesn't need one is willing to pay.

If the leters are intertwined in which the straight line of the P is the right side of the H, the serial number range is 425,000-710,000.

So using those serial numbers, 25,001 is dated in 1913, and 425,001 would be dated 1918.. You already stated it was purchased after WWI so those dates are probable correct.

I am looking to find out what time period it does come from and a price range that this barrel would fetch?

This one is a terrific example of Colt's desirable Gold Cup National Match (45 ACP) Beautiful and known for accuracy. Click for more info here is a brand new Colt Custom,1911 Government 45acp, 5" semi auto that has been factory finished in the bright high gloss mirror nickel,with serial numbered Colt carry case,manual,hang tags,man ... Colt Series 80 Gold Cup National Match pistol has a 5" ACCURISER barrel and BUSHING. This pistol features a blued finish with textured wrap-around grips, as well as extended safety levers and an extended slide release. Click for more info This extraordinary gun is unfired and has literraly been handled wiht soft cotton gloves.

It is as free of any handling marks as is possible. Click for more info Colt 1911 Series 80 ' Gold Cup National Match' .45 ACP Stainless Steel AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE PURCHASE AT OUR ONLINE STORE ' Like New In Blue Case With Picture Box' S ...

It is believed to be bright nickel not stainless as it is ... Click for more info The Colt New Agent is a short, light .45 ACP semi-automatic intended for concealed carry and police backup roles.

Best Karl Just chiming in here to say: You have a treasure, it being your grandfather's gun and all.

You are really taking a risk shooting it, as these older Colts can develop cracks in a bunch of known weak points on the frame and slide.

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