Dating a federal prisoner

That's why a nationwide inmate search is the best option if you want to find out who is in jail.

It's easy to locate a prisoner, and you don't need an Inmate Identification Number to use Instant Checkmate's inmate search.

With a background report, available with an Instant Checkmate membership, you can find someone even if they've been released from prison.

Imagine that you're looking for someone that you're unable to locate and you suspect that they might be in jail. So you visit the Cook County inmate search database — but you can't find the person that you're trying to find. If they committed a felony in another state, they could have been extradited to where the prosecutors had jurisdiction.

"RELEASED" indicates that inmate is no longer within the federal prison system To find out where a federal inmate is located, enter a first name, last name, and state for the most accurate results.

Background checks are available by purchasing an Instant Checkmate membership.

The following guide will help you understand the results from a free inmate search.

An Instant Checkmate report compiles public records into one easy-to-read report.

You could access information like: If you can't find someone — try using Instant Checkmate to reveal their whereabouts.

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Even if they're not currently incarcerated, you can still locate someone by running an online background check.

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