Dating a female introvert

Introverts have a lower tolerance for external stimuli: loud music, bright lights, and crowds quickly become overwhelming.

It’s also a good idea to avoid events that require you to introduce your date to large groups of people.

Maureen Marzi Wilson, author of INTROVERT DOODLES, shares her advice on dating.You may find that the more people there are, the quieter your date becomes.Introverts prefer a smaller gathering, or spending one-on-one time with their date. Introverts often appreciate simple outings, like going on a nature walk, sipping coffee in a quiet cafe, or exploring a museum. Wondering how to get close to someone who loves to be alone?Often quiet and reserved, introverts may seem like a mysterious bunch.

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Don’t bother trying to impress an introvert with shallow compliments or a long list of your accomplishments.

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