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The show made a minor star out of Paul Hogan, the manservant whose role developed in the words of the network "into the glue that held the show together".

Marriott later spoke of his disregard for reality television in interviews done after the special.A scene from the show implied that Kozer and Marriott engaged in a sex act while out for a walk together. In the VH1 program VH1 News Presents: Reality TV Secrets Revealed she alleges that her statement "let's go somewhere quiet" was in fact spoken while she was receiving a back massage from another female contestant and that the producers dubbed it in during post editing and added suggestive sound effects and subtitles.The show's editors corroborated this fact later in an interview for Radar magazine.As a result, many of the matches made via our upscale matchmaking program grow into serious, loving relationships.Because our clients are prominent members of society, we take confidentiality in our millionaire matchmaker services very seriously.

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