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Thailand is often called the “Land of Smiles”, I believe this is not only due to the fascinating culture but also because of this country’s friendly people. Upon visiting our country you may have noticed how approachable and pleasant to talk to Thai girls can be.

In my opinion these are worthy qualifications and are difficult to find from other nations.

It’s just generally not in public places and would only use profanity with our close friends or whenever someone rubs us the wrong way like an unexpected encounter with rude Chinese tourists.

For most of us girls, our parents grew up in wooden houses and it was these wooden houses that we were raised in.

I would say it is also rare to find one of us with our bottoms sitting on the table as we were told and grew up putting them where they belong – on chairs.

Thai girls are not only euphemistic in speech; it is part of our culture and reflects in our behaviour whether we are at home, or in public.

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