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He just laughed and asked if I would join him for a naked pool party.

This was not where I expected the conversation to go.

But I live in Los Angeles, and I do like to look my best.

Especially when I go to therapy or to my gynecologist.

Honestly, you know you’ve hit rock bottom when cancer is just the icing on the cake. I didn’t know there would be these scars going across my breasts! ” He informed me that on the day of my double, he would just be starting the reconstruction.

So I made the decision that I would tell everyone on the first date: I’m a single mom, and I just had my breasts removed so I’m under reconstruction.

The next morning I woke up and watched my beautiful baby girl sleeping.

It was so hard knowing that I wasn’t going to see her for a week and that when I got out of the hospital, I wouldn’t be able to lift her.

They both saw what I did and encouraged me to look. In the middle of my ant hills, there were lines going across, not as bad as I had imagined them to look.

I was mildly fascinated, like these new bumps on my chest were some science experiment. Getting Back in the Game I couldn’t let little things like starting reconstructive breast surgery, not having nipples, and having scars, get in the way of my dating life. It truly had become my lifeline in the midst of all the high-stakes drama that was my new reality.

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Yes, I was still on vicodin, but that made the date even more pleasant.

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