Dating and swinging

According to my research findings, all of the above comments couldn’t be further from the truth.

I have compiled hundreds and hundreds of hours of interviews with couples in the swinging lifestyle, and one of my first questions is how did the couple get involved in the swinging lifestyle, and how is the wife handling it.

One study subject puts the rationale for trust in perspective: “Why would your husband go elsewhere for sex, if he can have access to other women in a stimulating environment with his wife’s participation and consent?

I put together a collage of some of the more relevant commentary from those interviews.However, as the comfort level of the couple increases, the rules seem to decrease as well.Over time rules become no longer relevant or even obsolete.“Even husbands get involved in preparing their wives before going to a swinging event.Who cares if nipples are showing or camel toe is visible, it’s all part of the fun,” said one of my interviewees.

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