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But isn't western literature still implicitly regarded as the measure of all things?From then on, the term gained currency in the study of national literatures translated into the main European languages, i.e. The fragility and ambiguity of the term is a result of its Eurocentric, myopic vision of the national literatures produced by other, non-European peoples of the world.Even David Damrosch's redefinition of the term world literature in his does not distantiate the term from its point of departure.Damrosch uses the term as a category of literary production, publication and circulation, rather than using it as an evaluation.Nevertheless, he is still very close to Goethe's uses of the term.

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In a form of internal Orientalism, an assimilation of the ideas and conceptual elements of Orientalism, Arab critics have seen the narrative works produced by their fellow writers as a continuation of the European narrative tradition.

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