Dating buck 110 knives

About three weeks later, it came back to me with all new blades and a coupon for 25% off a new knife if ordered online! And all it cost was a couple of bucks for shipping it to them.

THAT right there would make me more inclined to buy Buck. Seems like the Buck has a better, more finished feel to it, although I think the Schrade has better steel in it.

I took a 7OT and polished the handles on it with a palm sander, and what a difference!! No more sharp ridges on it, and it looked like it had been carried in a pocket for years, and yet it was brand new.

If you can get the old LB7 stamped USA, you have a great knife...a touch wider than the Buck & not as rounded handle.

I did not want to take my time, since Charlie was showing hot interest in our position.

I used the point of the big blade on my Buck Stockman to pry down the collar that holds the forearm pieces in place. (The adrenalin was flowing and I pried too hard.) A few weeks later, when I returned to the real world, I took my Stockman to a store that sells Bucks.

I carried the LB7 in my pocket for 20 years, and must have sharpened it close to 100 times.

It still looks like the day I bought it 30 years ago.

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