Dating by zipcode

You can do this by using our planting zone map tool.

Click on your state to zoom in or enter your zip code to find the zone number of your specific area.

You can use these more specific ranges to maximize your gardening time during the year by pushing your planting earlier and your harvesting later. It is important to remember that these dates are simply estimates and cannot account for unusual weather events.

It is hard to pinpoint an exact date so it is wise to assume that freezing temperatures are possible two weeks before the first frost date and two weeks after the last.

The dates in-between the last and first frost dates are days when it is safe to plant and when you should harvest your last vegetables of the season.

Frost dates can vary widely within each state and county so it is important to find the correct zone for exactly where you will be planting.

Then, you can use this handy list to check the first and last frost dates for your zone.

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A ‘moderate freeze’ will damage most plants in your garden except the hardiest, and it occurs with temperatures between 25-28 degrees Fahrenheit.

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