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Chie is one of the only characters that doesn't learn a party-wide buff, only keeping "Tarukaja" which focuses on one character.

Despite the fact that there is a large gap between her skills, by the end of the game, with the combination of "God's hand" and "Power charge", she does considerable damage with melee combat.

Two months after the true end of the Inaba murder investigation in Persona 4 Arena, Chie is still focused on entering the police academy after she graduates and becoming a police officer.

However, while out on a jog, she overhears students discussing something one of them had seen on the Midnight Channel.

According to him, Chie was always designed from the get-go to be an independent, yet down-to-earth and realistic girl.

Her hair and clothing was especially major focal points in designing her; her hair was designed to resemble something you'd see women adorn in modern day Japan and her clothes were deliberately made to look tacky, cheap, and retro-looking to draw out her quirky personality.

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The end result of Soejima's designing efforts proved to be critical for the development of Persona 4 as a whole, since Chie was the first character in the entire game whose design was finalized.

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