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Shang potters also developed a fine soft-bodied white ware, employing kaolin (later used in porcelain); this ware was probably for ceremonial use and was decorated with motifs similar to those on the ritual bronzes.The only known complete specimen of a fine white stoneware dating from about 1400 is decorated with chevrons (linked V-shapes) and a key-fret pattern, the shoulder motifs being reminiscent of those seen on contemporary bronze vessels.

In other areas there is evidence of a mixed culture, including elements of both Yangshao and Longshan, that occurred between these stages.Clearly, many of these queries concern age, value, where made, etc., but it is also evident that many beginning collectors needing the information have little knowledge how antique porcelain really looks like, in view to age, prior to buying.Collectors new to Chinese porcelain are in a predicament.At this point, the superior calibre of Chinese ceramics was first attained.In Yangshao pottery, emphasis was on funerary wares.

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