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These are standards of behavior that tie directly into our professional ethics.Outside of the counseling relationship, our ethical code [the ] provides us with a clearer professional identity, shapes how the public perceives us and offers guidelines for our professional behavior.Some states even have laws around it that often will give a time frame for when dating would be allowed. What time does it take to get through the counter-transference issues and be clear on your motives and clear your heart?Even if there is not a state law, dating clients is just one big NO.What if you really really really fall head over heels for a massage client and go on to date them?What is happening is called counter-transference and it happens in every relationship really and is called projection in other relationships.She asked the woman to think about how it might feel to have her counselor present at the graduation.

Might that lead to questions about the client’s counseling work that the client wouldn’t want to deal with on her graduation day?

We have to use our ethical code to increase our ability to analyze issues in ways that will facilitate our ability to move on to ethical action — to make it part of who we are as a professional [and] prepare us to deal with ethical dilemmas before they even arise.

Most of us are trained to ‘do things right.’ Ethics help us to ‘do the right thing.'” Oswalt’s graduation invitation is just one example of the ethical dilemmas that confront counselors on a daily basis.

“I wanted her to think through it in a 360-degree way, all the way around, not just get caught up in the moment of inviting everyone,” says Oswalt, a member of the American Counseling Association.

After reconsidering the situation, the client decided it would be wiser not to have Oswalt attend the graduation.

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