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Just because she covers her hair, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t drink or that she’s waiting until marriage. That being said, the Tatar women in traditional garments aren’t very responsive to foreigners.They might chat with you for a while, out of politeness, but ultimately it’s a dead end street.

Tatars look at their women to be homemakers, as well as providers (yes, not just the men).Tatarstan’s capital Kazan is obviously where a lot of them live.But there are multiple ethnic groups within what is known as Tatar.Tatarstan still has to obey the Russian government in key policies and they pay some taxes to the federal state. There are still historic Bulgar communities in Tatarstan (Psst!The people of Tatarstan are, unsurprisingly, the Tatars. When I say Bulgar, yes, I mean those people are also linked to Bulgaria.

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