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I'm a m23 and have had ~4 relationships further than a year in Sweden, and been around a lot in dating.I think it works mostly like your first model, but with more intense "hanging out" and not as casual as you explain, in general me and my friends seem to just find the liking for somebody, and hang out more and more, and maybe after a month you discuss at what point you are in the relationship, if you want to take it further.The problem is when someone from a culture where sex is repressed behind shame, honour and purity has to adapt to this.Traditional dating is a system to cater to the virginity cult in which a woman is tainted once she is not a virgin.Within the first month, you probably discuss the matter of being exclusive with each other.But I feel and I think a lot of people in general feel stressed about the discussion about the future, and feelings, since this is a huge risk taking.In short Sweden isn't Christian enough for what most westerners call "dating".I always describe the way we "date" in Sweden as you sleep with someone enough times to consider if you like the person for more than just having sex.

Someone feels like they invested, emotionally, in the other person when perhaps all that was was simple hedonism.And people appear to be a little hesitant to try to communicate and find out.As a Swedish ex-pat I fully see where you're coming from.Swedes don't "date" the way you guys do, so you're kinda spot on with you analysis.However, seeing as you're on reddit, you've probably heard of the Internet.

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